Friday, November 22, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - IAAPA Bonus Coverage

Yesterday we reported about Jim Seay, from Premier Rides winning the Lifetime Achievement Award from IAAPA. Just before the show opened, you can hear the cheers, we got a chance for a brief conversation with him at his booth. While I stumbled on pronouncing his last name, Mr. Seay was too polite to correct us while filming. Here is what he had to say.

Artistic Contractors won a Best Booth Award for their category and it is easy to see why. Their mission is “Visual enhancement through custom fabrication.” Just one look at their display, with the smoke rising out of the alien and the plasma jets, demonstrates their skills. It proved to be a popular photographic spot with many children in attendance having their picture taken with the prop. When you examine the details embodied in their work you can see why they are used by parks and museums.

Does the thought of an intensely vertical roller coaster capture your interest? Michael Kitchen from US Thrill Rides filled us in about with another announcement, The PolerCoaster.

This cool screen simulated a rotating display and it appropriately towered over the IAAPA Expo Tradeshow floor.

They have designed several options for Poler coasters, and height costs money! How tall will your budget allow you go?


This shows the spiral lift with a 360 degree circle around the top for sightseeing and then the loops,barrel rolls, and other elements on the outside of the lift. Multiple caars can run simultaneously for faster throughput.

Another view from a different angle. It looks like the inside of a 1960's stereo system with the track going anywhere and everywhere.

The completed tower is envisioned as including an electronic billboard, and observation platform that could include retail, dining, and even an entertainment facility.

To end our 2013 live IAAPA coverage we present a bit of the lights of IAAPA. Our thanks to the entire IAAPA staff, the vendors & volunteers for making these reports possible. With only 359 days until IAAPA 2014 kicks off, we are already making plans for next year!