Sunday, November 3, 2013

From The Vault: Valleyfair! 2001 Brochure

The 2001 season was one of celebration for Valleyfair!, as it marked the park's 25th anniversary (first opening back in 1976).  Now around twelve years later than when this was produced, much has changed at the park.  But let's take a look back at how the park's 25th was celebrated.

Well, for starters they celebrated with some confetti and a fun anniversary logo!  The park did not add any large attractions in 2001, having just built the 275 foot tall Power Tower the year prior.  Naturally the back of the brochure featured the park's operating calendar along with the prices for the year.

The main section of this long fold-out brochure features 25 reasons to celebrate and also to plan a visit to the park, of course.  You can comb through them on your own but you'll notice that most rhyme, which is silly but fun.  The park's main attractions are all captured in the list, from the high thrills of the Wild Thing hyper coaster to a more sedate spin on the Carousel.  There's also the fun of pay extra attractions like mini-golf at Challenge Park and the included-in-admission Whitewater Country Waterpark.

The flip side of that long fold-out contains a whole bunch of 'fine print.'  With information on everything from the dress code to Canadian money, you'll find your answers in this section.  Challenge park is also promoted again at the top, the pay-extra area featured a skycoaster named Ripcord, mini-golf, go-karts and bumper boats.  Between last year's picnic grove addition and next year's Route 76 I believe all but RipCord will have been removed from the park.  That's progress for you!