Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Renovations + Revitalizations for Knott's Berry Farm in 2014

Continuing the recent trend of bringing sections of the park back to life like never before, Knott's Berry Farm has announced two exciting renovations for 2014.  As the park moves further and further away from focusing on big thrill rides, the happier fans of the park appear to get.  The recent changes include the overhaul of the Timber Mountain Log Ride, the brand new Boardwalk area, and heavy refurbishments in the park's classic Ghost Town.

Knott's famous Calico Mine Ride will see a total overhaul this winter, replacing the ride's animatronics with new versions much like what was done this year for the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

For those not familiar with the attraction Knott's describes that it "carries riders aboard ore cars, on a realistic adventure through dimly lit tunnels of a working gold mine. The winding journey takes passengers to underground lakes, waterfalls, caverns filled with thousands of mysterious formations, chambers filled with steaming, bubbling pots and geysers. At several points in the trip, riders find themselves along the rim of a sixty five foot deep and ninety foot wide scene filled with dozens of animated miners trying to strike it rich."

Opened in 1960 and designed by Bud Hurlbut, the Calico Mine Ride has long been one of the park's most unique attractions.  It stands over seven stories tall and over one million people enjoy the ride each year.  Garner Holt Productions will be creating over 50 new animatronics for the ride, and additionally new lighting and special effects will premier - but the theme of entering a working gold mine will remain.  The ride will close for renovations starting in January of 2014.

Knott's Berry Farm's famous Camp Snoopy will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, and will also receive a major revitalization.  Themed to the High Sierra Mountains, the land features not only Snoopy and his pals, but also plenty of smaller attractions for kids and families.  Not many details on the expected changes have been released, just that improvements include "new rides and restoration of the entire area with the original inspiration in mind."

I'm so pleased to see that Knott's Berry Farm is moving even further with restoring the historical parts of the park!  I've said it before but have no problem saying it again, I love that Cedar Fair is focusing on that aspect of the park and putting up the cash needed to keep things fresh.  I look forward to seeing how both the Calico Mine Ride and Camp Snoopy turn out!