Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aquatica San Antonio Going to the Birds in 2014

Aquatica San Antonio, the full water park located adjacent to SeaWorld San Antonio, has announced the addition of a new Aviary for the 2014 season.  The new animal encounter area also comes with a luxurious looking wading pool and a location adjacent to and interacting with the park's lazy river.

Covering an impressive 13,500 square feet of space, the Aviary will be accessible from several different points including from along the path of the lazy river, from a new water park 'shore' area, as well as from the dry side of the park.

The park released this layout of the new addition, which shows off just how it will be situated over the Loggerhead Lane river and the new 'shore' that has been created.  It will be pretty neat to be able to float through the new attraction while on the lazy river!

The Aviary will contain some 300 species of birds that are representative of over 50 different countries.  Aquatica reports that some of the birds in the attraction are considered threatened or endangered, so the preservation of them fits in nicely with the park's conservation theme.

This is a look at how the area appears now, and shows just how well the expansion will fit into the park.  The wading pool features a waterfall entrance into the Aviary, to keep the birds in of course, but looks quite relaxing as well.

Visitors to the Aviary will be able to hand feed birds, and park educators will be available to teach guests about the animals.  It's wonderful to see the park create an addition that not only expands the water offerings of Aquatica, but also incorporates a new animal attraction as well!

The expansion has a targeted opening date of May, 2014 and is planned to be able to remain open to guests even during the off-season when the water park is closed.