Sunday, November 24, 2013

From The Vault: Geauga Lake 1996 Brochure + Map

Next up we have Geauga Lake's 1996 brochure and map.  During this time period the park was owned by Premier Parks, and they were by no means shy when it came to expansion.  Along those lines, two big attractions opened in 1996 at Geauga Lake.

A roller coaster, named Mind Eraser, and a river rapids ride, named Grizzly Run, were the featured rides for the year.

The Mind Eraser was a standard Boomerang coaster, and utilized the same name that Premier Parks used for that style of ride at several other properties.  Grizzly Run was an Intamin river rapids ride that featured "raging rapids, roaring rip ties, swirling currents and towering waterfalls" according to the marketing.

Since this was before the day of Cedar Fair ownership, the park still had a water park built along the shores of the lake.  That silly looking turtle was the mascot for that area.  This section of the brochure also advertises the coasters that could be found, including two wooden rides, Raging Wolf Bobs and the Big Dipper.

Outside of the water park and big coasters, there was still plenty more to do at Geauga Lake.  A wide variety of flat rides like the Texas Twister and Skyscraper Ferris wheel had guests covered, plus there was more fun with the Cuyahoga River Logging Company flume ride and the even slower paced 1926 Marcus Illions Carousel.

The park's calendar featured weekends in October when "Halloscream" took place, there were also fireworks on all the popular holidays.  Geauga Lake also held an annual Grad Night, staying open from 10 pm all the way through to 4 am.

I have to admit that this park map is both ugly and horribly done!  Sorry, but the map changes perspective several times which gives it a bit of a crazy warped feeling!  But it's neat to be able to look back and see what was offered in 1996.


Chris said...

Actually, Premier used "The Mind Eraser" for their Vekoma SLCs and Geauga Lake's Vekoma Boomerang was the only ride of it's type to use the name.