Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Water Country U.S.A. Unveils the Colossal Curl in 2014

Water Country U.S.A., located near Busch Gardens Williamsburg, has spilled the beans and announced Colossal Curl as the park's 2014 slide addition.  The attraction combines two interesting elements into one course that will be action packed from start to finish. 

"Colossal Curl features a funnel element that will swish and swirl guests before whisking them through the ride’s enclosed colorful tubes on their way to a wave element that hurtles them high above the park."

The drawings above show the two elements, the funnel and the wave, along with the Curl's color scheme.  Riders start by entering the funnel high above the ground, after which they slowly travel through more slide toward the giant drop and curl - covering 552 feet in total.

The Colossal Curl will feature a 48 inch height requirement, the same as 2011's addition Vanish Point.  That thrilling ride was a hit with families and the park expects Colossal Curl to receive the same reaction.

The slide will be the only one of its kind in North America, and riders will travel in rafts that seat four people in a cloverleaf shape - adding to the family aspect!  The Colossal Curl looks like a fun addition and will stand near the park's entrance, enticing visitors as they arrive.