Saturday, November 2, 2013

El Loco Rising at Adventuredome in Las Vegas

© Adventuredome
The Adventuredome at Circus Circus has started to build El Loco, the park's new S&S Worldwide designed roller coaster.  The ride is one of the manufacturer's creations that shares the same name, known for its crazy overbanks, steep drops and hairpin turns.  El Loco's are a bit like a Wild Mouse only with inversions and exaggerated elements like outward banking turns and heartline rolls.

© Adventuredome
At the Adventuredome the ride is going to have a unique layout, different from the standard El Loco design we've seen at other parks.  The park removed the Rim Runner shoot-the-chutes in order to make way for the new coaster.

The second photo here shows the start of a twisting dive that will end the ride.  After the track inverts it drops, making for quite a finale to the coaster.  El Loco is going up quickly so hopefully we'll get to see a full look at the custom layout soon!