Saturday, March 9, 2013

Worlds of Fun's 2013 Slide Addition Progresses

Announced last Fall, Worlds of Fun will be combined with Oceans of Fun into one park in 2013, and a large expansion of the water park is happening as part of the 40th anniversary celebration.

The biggest addition is a new slide tower that's located next to the wave pool.   You can see the area that has been cleared next to the pool to accommodate the new slides.  The tower will server as a brightly colored backdrop for the water park.

Here is a closer shot of the new slide tower's supports that have been put into place.  According to the new park map, the tower will hold slides named Predator's Plunge, Shark's Revenge, and the Constrictor.

And with only a bit more supports still to be put into place the park has also readied the slide pieces.  Here's the rainbow assortment of slides waiting to be lifted into place.  The park has received some serious snow this winter but that doesn't seem to have slowed them down much!

Worlds of Fun opens for the season on April 13th, while Ocean of Fun will open on May 25th.