Sunday, March 10, 2013

From The Vault: Great Escape 1999 Brochure + Map

The Great Escape circa 1999 was a small dog in a big kennel of parks.  Premier had gobbled up Six Flags the year before, and with re-branding and mega-attractions going in at parks across the globe, this park only got a used coaster inside a building out of the deal.

Still, the park knew what people liked about it and made sure to include that in their brochure.  While the ownership was going through some big changes the Great Escape still had many of their classic attractions to promote.  Why else have a random cut-out of a high diver flying through the air?  Well, because the park's high dive show was well liked and something guests regularly enjoyed.

Rides.  A big reason why anyone goes to amusement and theme parks, so it makes sense that they are featured first.  The Great Escape offered the Comet wooden coaster (a great ride), the Alpine Bobsled (a unique ride) and Boomerang (if you have nothing polite to say then say nothing at all).  New for 1999 was The Nightmare, and indoor roller coaster.  For a new coaster, the ride sure didn't get a lot of space in the brochure!

A real draw for the Great Escape is the water park, known as Splashwater Kingdom.  The area has been heavily expanded post-1999 due to its growing popularity but at the time already had a large wave pool, lazy river and several slides.  A recent addition at the time was Paul Bunyan's Bucket Brigade, a huge water playhouse.

The historic aspect of the park really shines in the children's areas and live entertainment.  The storybook displays are great for families with small children, and shows such as the "high-spirited Red Garter Saloon Revue, daredevil stunts by the Mermaid and Mariners, and the incredible Rock and Roll on Ice Revue" kept patrons busy during the day.

I also wanted to throw in the park's map from 1999 as well.  I hate to be negative but this map is kinda awful.  I'm pretty sure that individuals did exist back in 1999 that had quality artistic talent, so I'm not sure why this was what they settled on!

But really, it's an awkward layout - and check out the log flume that appears to be on par with a Splash Mountain level of theme!  The Alpine Bobsled's track levitates in the air on its own, the park has a train track to nowhere and I will choose to leave alone the pointy spire that is the Condor. 

It's okay though!  The park has a much nicer map in use today, so all is well.