Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All the Details of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort

© Orlando Business Journal
From the various pieces of concept art that Universal Orlando has released for their currently under construction Cabana Bay Beach Resort I've had a hard time really understanding the layout of the property.  The scoop that the Orlando Business Journal got on the resort has clarified that nicely, take for instance the photo of a model of the property above.

According to the story, which also has some video that shows off the model up close and views of the buildings now standing, the section on the right side of the photo will open first.  The lobby, dining, and bowling lanes will be in the central U-shaped structure in the center.  The first phase of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort will have a large pool and parking located adjacent to the four story buildings.

When complete the resort will have 1,800 rooms.  The second phase will have slightly taller towers, another large pool and a nice sized lazy river as well.