Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time Running Out For Dania Beach Hurricane

Via Bing Maps
Whether by wrecking ball or careful deconstruction, the Dania Beach Hurricane is coming down sooner than later.

The latest on the wooden roller coaster, which hasn't operated since 2011, is that the ride will be torn down by the end of May if no one wants to dismantle it for rebuilding elsewhere.  The owners of the ride are offering it to a non-profit for free so long as they agree to tear it down and haul it away.

The owner of the ride reports that it cost $6 million to build in 2000, and would cost $10 million to build brand new today.  However, moving the ride and rebuilding could cost as little as $3 million by their figures.

The roller coaster part of the Boomers family entertainment center when it was open, located in Dania, Florida - not far from Fort Lauderdale.  It was one of only two rides to be built by Coaster Works, Inc.  Scott & Carol shared some photos and memories of the 100 foot tall ride late last year, and the Hurricane received favorable reviews from many riders.