Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tweeting Park Construction Projects

Last year I found myself having to keep up with Facebook to find construction pictures of various projects that parks had underway, and while that is still true this year I'm turning to Twitter for finding goodies.  Here are some interesting ones:

Hersheypark recently revealed that they are adding two new water slides in addition to a large sprayground set on the former location of the Roller Soaker water roller coaster.

Well, now the pieces of the new slides are already at the park!  The park shared photos of the orange and yellow slides, which will add some nice bright color to the area when they open this Summer.

Knott's Berry Farm is hard at work totally transforming their Boardwalk area, complete with three new rides.  One of them is a set of Larson Flying Scooters, a favorite ride among park fans.  The park shared this photo of the ride being created in Texas.

The park also recently announced that the new Boardwalk would be ready by Memorial Day Weekend.  The expansion also includes a new wild mouse roller coaster and the return of the park's Scrambler.

Technically cheating on this one, it was a tweet from Ride Entertainment that links to a Facebook gallery.  So that still counts as a Twitter update, right?  Anyway, Ride Entertainment built Six Flags Mexico's new Joker coaster, and the gallery is from what appears to be the ride's opening night.

The theming shown for the ride in the concept movie was impressive, but I think even more so when the finished product is considered.  That sick looking clown face you have to walk through creeps me out!

Cedar Point's General Manager, John Hildebrandt, shared a photo of GateKeeper's first train that has arrived on park property.  Last week Cedar Point released some photos of the trains while they were being constructed, but now one has arrived at the Point.  A cool feature of the trains will be lights on them that will make an already impressive coaster even more impressive at night.

Six Flags Great Adventure recently received a fleet of trucks that will carry guests on their new Safari Off Road Adventure.

Additional theming will be applied to the vehicles now that they are at the park.  When the Sarari Off Road Adventure opens visitors to the park will be able to get on board from an all new loading area inside the Frontier Adventures section.  The trucks will then take them on an off-road tour of the massive safari - now included as part of Six Flags Great Adventure and no longer a stand alone park.

The instillation of track and supports for Six Flags Magic Mountain's new coaster, Full Throttle, continues.  The ride's designer Premier Rides tweeted this photo of a giant segment of track being ever so carefully swung into place.

The inversion you can see in the background will be traversed by trains twice.  Once going forward and then again as trains head back up most of it backwards as a result of the coaster's second launch in a tunnel.  Looking good!