Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bay Beach Amusement Park Has Expansion On The Mind

After successfully recreating the Zippin Pippin, and seeing revenues soar as a result, Bay Beach Amusement Park - located in Green Bay, Wisconsin - has an updated vision for the future that includes plenty of expansion.

The park is looking at a ten year expansion that would cost approximately $11 million, with future expansion beyond that focusing more on infrastructure than on rides and attractions.

How the park looks currently
Since the park is owned by the city, the expansion still needs official approval.  The plan will be funded with revenues from current operations as well as donations - much like what was done with the Zippin Pippin.  However the park has much more profit to work with now that the coaster has operated for two seasons.

The proposed master plan for the future
One of the first things to come to the park, and negotiations on the ride are already underway, is a Sea Dragon.  Officials hope that the $670k ride could be open by the end of this Summer.  The park's train route will be greatly expanded to run under the Zippin Pippin, and picnic shelters will go up.

Future years include a new ride or two each season including things like a large Ferris wheel, a kiddie coaster, more kiddie rides, outdoor activity spaces, seating and dining areas and a large playground. 

The goal of the park is not to ever become a large theme park instead this is another "park with rides" not "rides in a park" type location.  Don't you wish this type of development could pop up in other location around the country?  I sure do.