Monday, March 18, 2013

GateKeeper Plaza Art + Tour Photos

© Cedar Point
The official blog of Cedar Point, OnPoint, has shared some neat concept images of how the area surrounding GateKeeper will look when complete.

The new coaster will have a very grand entrance plaza, with a giant logo sign in the middle.  Also seen in the art above are some equally cool looking GateKeeper wing 'statues' that greet visitors to the plaza.

Other images shared on the blog show the area where the Space Spiral once stood, which will now be much more open but include one item not fully disclosed by the park yet.  GateKeeper will have an exit merchandise store that guests will pass through after leaving the station.

In other GateKeeper news, PointBuzz had a winter event at the park this past weekend, and got to take a look at the ride's construction as well as the trains that have arrived.  For photos from that event, including some close-ups of the trains, click here and also check out another gallery at this link.