Saturday, March 2, 2013

February 2013 NewsPlusNotes Poll Results

© Cedar Point
I think this past month's poll was a bit misunderstood.  I took the bottom finishers in this year's Best Wood Coaster Poll, and then had you guys select which of those was your favorite.  Silly, I know - but I think some folks thought I was just picking coasters I hated and adding them to the list.  I actually really like a lot of the rides on the list!

Anyway... Cedar Point fans sure do mean business - the 'favorite of the worst' was Mean Streak, by an enormous margin.
As you can see, Mean Streak received about 35% of the vote, followed by Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure with 16%.  After that most of the rides are clumped together, so I'll let you review the results on your own.

Interesting results to say the least, so let's just move right on to this month's poll.  I went super specific again with this month's - we're looking for your favorite 4 inversion, still operating, Arrow designed coaster in North America.  (this is what happens after 5 years of coming up with polls!)