Monday, March 11, 2013

A Look at Six Flags St. Louis' Shorty Boomerang

© Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis has started to build Boomerang, the park's new coaster for 2013.  The standard Vekoma Boomerang ride has come to the park from Texas, where it was formerly Flashback at Six Flags Over Texas.

© Six Flags St. Louis
I like the colors!  We've certainly seen this scheme on coasters before, but not a Boomerang that I can think of (then again there are so many...).

I also noticed in the photos that it looks like the park actually had to modify the ride's supports to make it work in its new home.  I was looking at all the images that the park shared and noticed that because the lifts for Boomerang sit on a hill, it appears as though they've had to shorted the lift supports:

Left Image from RCDB, right © Six Flags St. Louis
I put together this highly professional comparison, using a shot of the ride when it was in Texas and it being constructed now.  The supports in St. Louis are definitely shorter - I drew lines to show what I mean exactly.

Interesting that the chain actually went with the option of spending additional money to modify the ride's supports to give it a second life - most wouldn't go through the effort for a Boomerang.  It does give the coaster a unique quality, though!