Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun Spot America Expansion Coming Along

© Fun Spot America
It has been a couple weeks since we checked in with Fun Spot America, and the park has made quite a bit of progress in that time.  They just released some new aerial photographs showing off all that has been completed so far - and that list keeps getting longer.

The Freedom Flyer inverted family coaster looks complete!  That bright yellow track really stands out, especially right now against the brown dirt underneath it.  That will eventually become more of the park, naturally.

© Fun Spot America
We saw the park's giant SkyCoaster go up a few weeks ago, but these views really show just how it towers over the park's expansion.  You can also see that they have prepared the main midway that will stretch from the new entrance to the park all the way to the existing section.  Perhaps it is obvious and I'm missing it, but I'm not sure what those yellow and white pieces are going to be for that are laying in the parking lot.

© Fun Spot America
There's one ride I left out of the paragraphs above, and that's the new Great Coasters Int. designed White Lightning.  Seen above from ground level, the wood coaster has quickly started to go up using its steel support structure.  That first drop is really steep looking!  And that turn after it looks like it will be pretty wild!

The full selection of the latest shots directly from the park are available here.