Saturday, March 9, 2013

Legoland Florida's Water Park Now Open + New Land Theme?

After hosting hundreds of thousands of guests last year, Legoland Florida's water park is opening again today for its second season of fun.  And best of all, the park has made several improvements for visitors to enjoy.

© Legoland Florida
The water park already had an astonishing two million Lego bricks in the models displayed throughout the park, but that has doubled to four million for 2013.  Scatted throughout the property, the new models include seahorses, clams, surfers and shells along with some even bigger displays.

The Build-A-Raft lazy river has had a new entrance structure built, helping define where guests may enter the 1,000 foot long river.  Along the route now is Moby Dick - made of over 200,000 Duplo blocks.

The park's wave pool has new decorations, too.  A display of bright blue waves serves as a backdrop of the area and holds a gigantic shark (made of almost 250,000 Lego bricks) and a scuba diver character (made of 86,000 bricks).

A 15 foot tall mermaid statue, made of Lego bricks of course, has been placed a the park's entrance and will occasionally send off water spouts and bubbles to splash those passing by.  Finally, a new dining option will open near the wave pool, named Waveside Grill, that will serve family friendly treats.

In other Legoland Florida news, the park is busy building a whole new themed land but is tight lipped about exactly what is coming to the park.

They did release the above video last week, which just might hint toward a theme for the area.  Up until now everyone was pretty sure of a Pirate theme for the new area, but this video seems to hint toward the Legends of Chima as the theme.

The Chima story involves animal tribes battling for Chi, which is their unique energy source.  It appears as a blue light in the story's videos, and also note the YouTube movie has "energy source" in the title and features a blast of blue light.

The world designers created for Chima is rather beautiful, so I'd be happy if this ended up the final theme.  Hopefully the park will send out another teaser soon!