Friday, March 22, 2013

Scott and Carol Present - A GateKeeper Update

Opening day for Cedar Point's newest B&M, Gatekeeper is inching closer and closer. The track has been complete for a little while and as you can see from the photo Eric Lapp (right) and Jeff Durbin (left) from Cedar Point’s maintenance division are getting their first look at train on the track of the new GateKeeper. 
At 4,164 feet long, GateKeeper is the longest winger-rider in the world! The ride  which runs along Lake Erie and across the park’s redesigned main entrance  will also set world records for the longest drop (165 feet), tallest inversion (170 feet), the most inversions (six) and fastest speed (67 miles per hour) of any wing coaster.  Cedar Point and GateKeeper open to the general public for the 2013 season May 11. 
We can hardly wait to get to the Point!