Saturday, March 23, 2013

From Russia, With Love

The Theme Park Guy has returned from a trip to the warm and inviting land known as Mother Russia, I kid, but no really he did just visit the country and has sent notice of a couple interesting updates.  Especially interesting to those of us who have a much smaller geographical footprint than him - it is not easy to find updates like this!

© The Theme Park Guy
The 2014 Olympics will be held in Sochi, and that will happen in under a year at this point.  Naturally a lot of fun stuff gets built where the Games are held and in this instance that includes a theme park.  Sweet!

The park is being built right next to the massive stadiums going up for the event, and will be themed to Russia's history according to Mr. Theme Park Guy.  A taste of the concept art can be seen above and we can easily pick out a giant purple Boomerang, an extended wild mouse and a Mack launched ride.

Click on over to the Theme Park Guy for the full update on Sochi park.  There's also an update that features the space that will one day include the first indoor Universal Studios park in Moscow.  An interesting concept to say the least.  Check that out here!