Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Smiler's Trains Arrive + Construction Update

© Alton Towers
The big reveal has been made - seen above are the trains for The Smiler, Alton Towers' new many (many) inversion sure-to-make-you-happy roller coaster.

There was much speculation about whether the coaster's trains would feature over the shoulder restraints, and now the park has confirmed for us that indeed it will.  Gerstlauer, the manufacturer, has used both styles of restraints on their rides in the past - but with the intense inversion count on the Smiler I'm not too surprised the overhead restraints were used.

The coaster's construction is still progressing, seemingly a bit slow, though.  The park just recently started to assemble the "marmaliser" which is the crazy multi-legged contraption in the center of the ride that is going to make passengers happy in a multitude of ways.

For a full update of that progress - and more - check out this batch of photos from Towers Times.