Saturday, March 9, 2013

Djurs Sommerland's Juvelen Update

Djurs Sommerland (located in Denmark) announced a new Intamin launched coaster back in November, and since then the ride's track and supports have been completed and the elaborate theming the ride will have is now underway.

The ride's name is Juvelen, which means Jewel in English.  The ride stretches 3,280 feet long and utilizes a tire launch system according to RCDB.  It is not meant to be a high intensity thrill coaster, instead I believe it is being aimed toward being a ride the whole family may enjoy together.

The photo above was taken before the ride's track was complete, but shows off some of the thematic elements that will be found along the ride's path.

After Juvelen's initial launch the ride hits its high point, the tallest hill seen above.  After that point the coaster careens around a series of low to the ground curves and hills.  Not too dissimilar to Manta at SeaWorld San Diego (aside from manufacturer) in concept.  You can see some additional bits of theming along the path in this view, too.

I stitched two of the park's photos together for this shot, because when I did you could see the majority of the ride's layout at once.

The first launch is over on the far left, followed by the curve into the high point of the ride in the center.  From there I get lost, though, as things get rather twisted rather quickly.  Riders will sit on some pretty uniquely ATV themed vehicles as they fly through a jungle like setting.  There will be a large temple structure for the coaster's station, and parts of the track will also be over a man-made lagoon.

I look forward to seeing the finished product, the theming is already looking great.  The park has done an excellent job with its other recent additions, so I have no doubts that Juvelen will turn out just as nice.