Monday, March 25, 2013

Get Ready to Beat The Swarm!

Last season The Swarm debuted (or should I saw ravaged) England's Thorpe Park, and for this season the ride is back and angrier than ever!  The roller coaster features five inversions and "wing" trains that feature seats outside of the main track.  Riders travel through an apocalyptic like setting of destroyed buildings and other features as the Swarm holds them in their grip.

But that's what makes the ride fun!  Thorpe Park has launched a new alternate reality game for this season, featuring one of the ride's survivors from last year.  Check out Adam's story:

As you can see, things have been a bit rough for Adam.  The park's new BEAT THE SWARM site has one mission at hand: help spread the warning that the Swarm is getting ready to attack!  The best part?  Not only can you help by joining the uprising against the Swarm, but you can get a link to buy some nicely discounted tickets to Thorpe Park!

Those who choose to join the game will receive their own unique link that they can spread around the internet as part of their mission.  The folks who receive the most clicks on their secret links can win a host of great prizes from the park, including a top prize of a lifetime pass to Thorpe Park.  That's a lot of free visits!

In its second year, the Swarm has had a brand new 'close call' element added, seen above.  The billboard that the train passes through looks closer than close and you have to love how the word paradise has been changed to hell.  Fitting, right?

Part of the Swarm's wrath for 2013 also includes turning the last two cars around, meaning that riders can choose to take on the coaster backwards!  This is the first time that a ride of this design from B&M has featured backwards seats, and starting the ride with a 127 foot inversion backward is sure to be intense!

Are you ready to join the fight?  I think I am!