Monday, March 18, 2013

Aerial Antics: Seabreeze Amusement Park

Seabreeze Amusement Park dates back to 1879 and got its start like many, as a trolley park.  While rides weren't immediately added, the did join the line up of activities over time and to this day the park is still running strong.  We haven't featured Seabreeze, located outside Rochester, NY, in Aerial Antics before, so let's have a look around.

The park is settled right along the 'corner' of Lake Ontario and the Irondequoit Bay, a pretty picturesque location.  Given the long life of the park the rides have been added as development allowed, so there is a bit of a scattered feel to them from the air.

Once visitors are past the gates they're greeted by the flying scooters at the top of this photo - the Seabreeze Flyers - and after that the park's log flume. 

This small coaster is known as the Bobsleds, a wacky combination ride of wood support and steel track with individual cars.  It dates back to 1952 and originally was only a wooden coaster.

A pair of thrill rides hold court in one corner of the park - the spinning Revolution 360 can be seen on the left, and the spinning keeps going with the coaster on the right, Whirlwind.  That coaster's individual cars are free to spin around and around as they navigate the course.

One of the country's oldest operating wooden coasters can be seen in this shot, known as the Jack Rabbit.  The coaster was designed by John Miller and currently runs with a Morgan train.  Starting from 75 feet in the air, the Jack Rabbit's track runs 2, 130 feet long and includes a tunnel.

Water park fans have plenty to keep busy with at Seabreeze, located adjacent to the rides is a selection of water slides, pools, and rivers.  This shot of much of the guts of the park includes Hydro, the blue, green, and white racing slides that were just added last year.  Some older attractions had to be removed in order to fit them, but it was worth it!

To check out more details of Seabreeze on Google's 45 degree images, click here.