Friday, March 1, 2013

Full Throttle Heads Skyward

It's finally happening!  Six Flags Magic Mountain's Full Throttle is now vertical, as seen in this photo shared by the ride's designer, Premier Rides:

© Premier Rides
It's refreshing to see such progress on the coaster because it is probably the last of the new for 2013 rides to start to go up.  It's also a ride that we haven't seen an extensive amount of coverage on, probably because of the long period of ground preparation and footer work.

A lot of questions about the coaster's theming and surrounding area have been answered by this update from the Coaster Guy, which I highly recommend checking out.  It sounds like the ride's station, queue, and associated buildings will be pretty neat when completed!

Full Throttle features three launches, two forward and one backward, and the largest vertical loop ever at 160 feet.  Should be interesting to see that go up!