Thursday, March 14, 2013

Silverwood Names New High Flying Thrill Ride

Earlier this Winter Silverwood Theme Park announced a brand new, massive thrill ride.  The park held a contest to pick the name of the ride and the winner was SpinCycle!

The park received an amazing total of 5,180 entries into the contest and the winning name was submitted first by Chris Sanders of Spokane - he will now get to be one of the SpinCycle's first riders as part of his prize.

As far as progress on the new ride goes, things are moving along well.  In recent photos shared by the park - like the one above - you can see that the four enormous support footers needed for the ride are being created.

When SpinCycle opens twenty four riders at a time will be lifted over a hundred feet in the air as the end carriage spins and completely inverts.  The high-thrill ride is sure to be an adrenaline blast for park guests!