Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spinning Into Wild Adventures' 2013 Season

TailSpin, the new thrill ride under construction at Wild Adventures Water & Theme Park, has already made quite an impression at the park:

© Wild Adventures
Workers have been busy putting the new ride together, piece by piece.  The ends of the Mega Disk'O attraction from Zamperla stand over four stories tall.  The new attraction is located along the park's boardwalk, near the center lake.  The park's second new ride for this season, a children's ride named Wacky Wheels, will also be in the area.

To document the assembly of TailSpin, Wild Adventures has been creating daily YouTube videos - the third of which is embedded below.  While the new rides aren't quite ready yet, the park opens for the 2013 season this Saturday, March 16th.