Friday, March 1, 2013

New Slides Coming to Hersheypark This Summer

© Hersheypark
With Roller Soaker just a memory now, Hersheypark has been busy transforming part of the ride's former location into a 'spray ground' aimed at keeping kids happy.  The project was announced some time ago, though no drawings of the area have surfaced yet as far as I know.

And speaking of what I know and don't know, I had no idea that the park was also adding two slides to their existing tower.  The park tweeted the above image today, revealing the new new slides being added to Coastline Plunge. 

If you look at the existing slide tower you can see how the new slides will fit into the layout.  Some supports and other foundations for the slides have existed since the tower was built, but I had no idea that the park finally pulled the trigger on building the other slides.

While all the slides already cross over each other making things a bit confusing, you can line up the exit of the new slides into the lower pool nicely. 

In addition to the new water park expansion, the park is also working on a new 4-D show for the adjacent visitor's center.  And update of the goings-on at Hersheypark can be seen here from All America Thrills.