Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrilling Fire Ball Coming to Lake Winnie

© Lake Winnepesaukah

If rides that flip you upside-down over and over again sound like fun to you, then Tennessee's Lake Winnepesaukah has just the new ride for you - Fire Ball.

According to the park, "This is the first ride we’ve ever added at Lake Winnepesaukah that completely inverts all the riders,” stated Talley Green of Lake Winnepesaukah. “A skilled pilot can invert our Fly-O-Plane, but everyone who boards the Fire Ball will get a view of the Chattanooga skyline from an inverted perspective!”

Created by Larson Manufacturing, the Fire Ball will be located near the park's entrance gates. Twenty riders at a time will sit in the train as it slowly starts to rock back and forth, eventually picking up enough speed to complete a full trip around the circle.  From there the looping continues, as riders sit back to back allowing them to see the faces of other passengers.

The Fire Ball is set for a Memorial Day Weekend grand opening at Lake Winnie.