Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bluegrass Boardwalk Delayed Until 2014

Developers behind the plans to reopen Kentucky Kingdom have spoken more about the status of the park, which is leading them to delay the opening of the park until 2014.  When it does open, the property will be renamed Bluegrass Boardwalk.

The company's CEO, Natalie Koch, stated that "when the park was closed in 2009, needed winter maintenance was not been performed on the rides.  For example, pumps for the water rides were not removed for off-season winterization and inspection. Plumbing and structural infrastructure are in need of extensive repair. Buildings are damaged from leaky roofs. Rides are missing parts. The list goes on and on. We believe 75 percent of the rides will require significant overhaul following in-depth inspection by certified ride experts.”

Frustrating news I'm sure for those who hoped to be enjoying the park once again next season.  In addition to the above reasons officials have met with ride manufacturers regarding bringing the rides back online, and the consensus seems to be that 11 months simply isn't enough time.

When the park does come back it will be significantly different than when it closed, with potentially only the Thunder Run coaster reopening.  Another news source reported that plans show the park will receive several new water attractions, including a new slide tower and something referred to as the "Racer".