Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tall View of Texas

© State Fair of Texas

The announcement for the State Fair of Texas's new 500 foot tall observation tower took place some time ago, though I never covered it fully here on NPN.

The tower will be named the Top of Texas Centennial Tower, and will provided to the Fair by Intamin - a part of their Gyro Tower line of observation rides.  Originally the tower was proposed to open this Steptember - when the Fair takes place - but recent developments have pushed the opening to May of 2013.  The ride will take 100 riders up to the top in a doughnut shaped gondola, affording them spectacular views along the way.

The tower is part of a planned renovation of a portion of the midway into what will be known as Summer Adventures in Fair Park.

Seen above, the renovated area will include the existing sky ride, Ferris wheel, sky coaster, and log flume rides.  Since the Fair is only open at the end of the Summer season, this area would operate on a more traditional amusement park season - allowing for more visitors and more revenues.

I haven't seen talk of any other significant rides or attractions for the area, but perhaps those will come in the future!


SilenceBrokenTT said...

I'll have to check it out when it opens, since I'll be stationed at Ft Hood come September. :)