Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sea World San Diego's Manta Open to Guests

This weekend marks the grand opening of many new rides and attractions, and one of the largest is Manta at Sea World Sand Diego.  The park's brand new double-launch roller coaster is taking its first riders around the course, inviting them to feel as though they're swimming with a ray.

One of the largest expansions that Sea World San Diego has ever undertaken, the coaster represents a close blend of the ride elements with a natural ray habitat and other theming elements.  The coaster stretches 2,835 feet in length and starts with a trip under the sea in a tunnel with a 270 degree projection screen.

As the train slowly moves forward and backward guests are treated to a glimpse of rays swimming underwater, when suddenly the launch doors open and the train takes off, reaching a top speed of 43 miles per hour.

The trip includes a dive under the bridge that guests use to enter the Manta ride plaza and ray exhibit.  As the train dives down toward a water feature fountains shoot as if the ray-themed trains had skimmed the water.

The ride's entrance features a beautiful rock structure that holds the ride's marquee, and guests descend down under it as they enter the ride's queue.  The winding queue takes guests past the 100,000 gallon marine life exhibit, including 400 fishes and 65 California bat rays.

Manta was created for Sea World San Diego by Mack Rides, of Germany.  The coaster is designed for families to be able to experience together with a low height requirement of 48 inches.  The four trains have a beautiful Manta ray shaped first car that leads the trains through the two LSM launches.

If you are interested in checking out a point-of-view movie of Manta, check that out at this link!