Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Six Flags New England Opening a Goliath

This past weekend was a season pass preview of Goliath at Six Flags New England, the park's newly relocated Giant Inverted Boomerang roller coaster.  Above is a video that the park released showing a very neat time lapse view of the construction of the ride, from the very start to finish.

The construction of the ride was quite a project for the park, moving the structure all the way from California.  The Boston Globe has a nice story up about the process of moving such a large ride, and all the details that needed to be covered by the park for a proper instillation. 

My eyes got a bit stuck on one of the quotes from the President of Six Flags New England when he said that "Six Flags is hoping to get a minimum of “two years of rides off of Goliath.”  I supposed that could be taken different ways, but I have to wonder if this implies that the ride may be moved again in the future?

I could also see it meaning that it will serve as the park's big draw for two seasons as well, and it is hard to be sure without more context.  But with Six Flags seeming to be interested in moving rides again, it's a curious thing to say.

Either way Goliath will open to all park guests starting this Friday, May 25th at Six Flags New England.