Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cedar Point's 2013 Coaster Plans Exposed

The big news of the day, indeed, is that the Sandusky Register has blown the cover off of Cedar Point's 2013 plans for a new roller coaster.

Granted, rumors of the addition have been swirling for some time now, but the Register is publishing information that came from a memo written by CEO Matt Ouimet to the company's board of directions.

So what is it?  They're reporting that a very large Bolliger and Mabillard wing coaster will grace the point next year, and as part of the addition both Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral observation tower will be removed.  The coaster will take up their space, travel out over the parking lot, and interact with the front entrance.

The removal of the rides will free up access to an area of the park that is underused due to the odd shape of Disaster Transport, and also open views of the beach, something Mr. Ouimet has said he wants.

Taking a look at the aerials, as I always do right away, we can see just how large a space is available for the ride.

Aerial Image © Bing

The red is the ride area being cleared out.  The green is the potential area for the new coaster.  I can't be sure if the ride will just head out near the front gates, or really travel over theme - also hard to know how much of that parking lot will be used.

The article puts the project at $25 million, with a 170 foot lift and the longest track and ride time of any B&M wing coaster.  Currently Dollywood's Wild Eagle is the largest B&M wing coaster, with a 210 foot tall lift, 135 foot drop, and 3,127 feet of track. 

Naturally, this will be one story we will keep our eyes on!