Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Waterpark Preivew - Part 3

Funtown Splashtown, located in Saco, Maine, has added a large slide tower for the park's 2012 season.  Interestingly named The Mount Olympus Water Slides, the structure features several experiences from one launch point.

© Funtown Splashtown

The tower has a set of four racing mat slides which start out with a unique curving section before a steeper than average plummet down to the finish.  There are also two slides that start with trap door launches, one that features two large horizontal loops, and another that's a straight freefall.

The park has also built a new restaurant and added a significant amount of lounge space to the Splashtown.  Sounds like a great season is planned!

Staying in New England territory we move to New Hampshire's Water World, billed as the region's largest waterpark.  New this year is Dr. VonDark's Tunnel of Terror, a fully enclosed Tantrum slide that has added special effects.

© Water World

The menacing sky in the background of this photo really fits with the theme, no?  The new slide is a major addition to the park, and will send riders down in rafts seating two at a time.  They will twist through the darkened path, past waterfalls and projection elements and into the funnel section.

Dr. VonDark's Tunnel of Terror isn't meant to be the biggest or scariest water slide around, but instead will give a thrill to the whole family.  It is expected to open with the park on June 9th.

One of the largest waterpark openings of the year is Aquatica at Sea World San Antonio.  Like its sister park in Orlando, the new property is quite beautiful.  Sea World has taken what was an average water park before and made some dramatic changes, creating a top notch facility.

They've also not been shy to add some unique attractions along the way.

© Aquatica San Antonio

Take for instance the Walhalla Wave, seen above.  Rafts have an enclosed portion that's thrilling enough on its own right, but then drop into a massive curved wall, providing a floating feeling.

© Aquatica San Antonio

If you look closely at the pool of water under the brightly colored slide above, named Stingray Falls, you can see that at the end of the slide rafts actually go underground.  This is such an awesome idea!  Riders get an undersea view of the rays swimming in their habitat as their rafts pass through an underwater grotto.

The entire park has plenty of features that are meant to provide a true escape from reality, complete with lots of theming and a dense offering of amenities.  Be sure to read up on the park, I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more from Sea World San Antonio in the future!

Legoland Florida is riding on their initial success by reopening the waterpark that was built as part of Cypress Gardens.  Opening this holiday weekend, the Legoland Water Park has been totally renovated and includes new theming, shade, amenities and a special children's area.

To really kick things off the park just held an attempt at gaining a world record for the most beach balls being bounced into the air - a record they easily grabbed with over 1,300 participants!  Looks like fun!

© Legoland Florida

Seen above is the Joker Soaker, a water play area that features a giant bucket that periodically soaks everyone below.  Guests can also relax in the Lego Wave Pool, or add their own Lego creation to their inner tube as they float down the Build-a-Raft River.  For thrill seekers the Twin Chasers and Splash Out slides are sure to deliver.

The park will naturally be accented with plenty of humorous Lego creations, everything from surfing Lego characters to those just looking to lay out and catch some sun!