Monday, May 14, 2012

Shambhala Opens at PortAventura

This past weekend saw the opening of Shambhala at Spain's PortAventura Theme Park.  The coaster is the tallest in Europe, and B&M's second tallest ride to date standing an impressive 249 feet tall with a 255 foot first drop into a tunnel.

The coaster has also been given a wonderfully themed plaza and station area, complete with snow-capped structures and plenty of thematic statues, paintings, and other features.  The ride's splash-down section, which is adjacent to the entrance plaza, was previously thought to function like that on Kings Island's Diamondback.  Surprisingly, the splash is actually simulated with fountains, but creates a tunnel of water that the trains fly though - impressive looking to say the least.

A site that has meticulously covered the construction of Shambhala, PA Fans, has uploaded some great shots of the coaster from its opening day.  The site is in Spanish but it's not too hard to see beautiful photos and click on them, right?

Theme Park Review also uploaded a point of view ride on Shambhala.  Check it out: