Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bonzai Pipeline Thrills Riders at Six Flags St. Louis

Another new attraction that just had its grand opening is the Bonzai Pipeline set of water slides at Six Flags St. Louis.  The new attraction is located in the theme park's Hurricane Harbor area, which is a full waterpark that is included in the property's general admission fee.

Bonzai Pipeline stands six stories tall, and once riders get to the top they enter one of two different launch capsules.  After proper instructions are received the countdown begins, and suddenly the floor drops out from underneath the riders.

After dropping they spiral down 290 feet of slide at a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, heading through a twisted horizontal loop, and finally slowing down in a splash-filled run out.  Traditionally quick slides such as these were thrill enough, but adding a true freefall drop at the start really turns things up a notch!

To help celebrate the opening of the Bonzai Pipeline, four local couples tied the knot at the top of the tower and made taking the plunge their first activity as husband and wife.  For more on their thrilling wedding, and some video of the slides in action, check out the park's news release.

Bonzai Pipeline is Hurricane Harbor's new attraction this year, while the previously opened Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast is also thrilling the masses at the theme park next door.