Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taking a Tour of Bluegrass Boardwalk

It may not be much right now, and certainly not very easy on the eyes, but the former Kentucky Kingdom theme park is on the verge of its transformation into Bluegrass Boardwalk.

Brother and sister team Natalie and Dan Koch, of Holiday World fame, are champing at the bit to get their crews in the park to start to get it ready for a 2013 reopening.

While the park has definitely looked better the foundation for a theme park is still there, and with a little tender loving care I'm sure the property will once again shine.

The Kochs are just waiting for the final approval of their lease to operate the park for work to begin.  They're still mum on what new additions will be coming to the park, but they gave a tour of the property to a local news station that shows off its current condition.

They're also happy to point out that Bluegrass Boardwalk will feature the same family friendly atmosphere of Holiday World, including free amenities such as soft drinks and sunscreen.  Alcohol will no longer be sold at the park as well.

I'm sure that some rides that were leftover from Kentucky Kingdom will have to be removed, as several hadn't operated in some time before the park even closed.  The Kochs have planned an individual investment plan for the park, different from how Holiday World is expanding.