Thursday, May 3, 2012

NPN April 2012 Poll Results

In April 2012 NPN asked our readers what their favorite North American new for 2002 coaster was, a bit of a throwback to ten years ago.

It was a bit of a close race for a while, but X (now X2) at Six Flags Magic Mountain came out on top with just under 30% of the vote.  The 4th dimension coaster takes flipping on a coaster to new extremes with seats that rotate independently of the track's various loops and twists.

Second place went to Cedar Point's Wicked Twister, with just shy of 26%.  The coaster features two twisted towers, both over 200 feet tall, that the train launches up both forwards and backwards.
Third place went to Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm, the first of Intamin's line of launching "accelerator" coasters, and said to be a test run for the much larger Top Thrill Dragster that would later debut.  Fourth place landed with Batman the Dark Knight at Six Flags New England, a custom designed B&M floorless ride.

The votes seemed to taper off from that point, with many of the rides clustered together.

This month's poll is now live, and we had to get a little specific for this query.  Intamin has made many types of launched rides in the U.S., many with an original design.  Which is your favorite?