Thursday, May 31, 2012

2011 TEA and AECOM Attendance Report Now Available

This past year's amusement, theme, and water park attendance has once again been documented in the 2011 Theme Index, provided by the Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM.

The report paints a picture of a generally healthy industry in North America, naturally where our focus is.  In 2011 the top 20 U.S. parks saw a 2.9% attendance growth, while the top 25 parks worldwide saw a 4.8% upswing.  The fastest growing segment in the world is again Asia, which saw a 9.4% increase in attendance at its top 20 parks.

The report also details the top parks on an individual basis by location, showing that once again the Magic Kingdom in Florida is the most visited park in North America with 17.1 million guests.

The big news of the report is Universal's Islands of Adventure, which saw an astonishing 29% increase in attendance, making the park the 6th most visited in North America with 7.6 million guests.  Compare that to the park's 2009 attendance of 4.6 million before the Wizarding World opened, and you can really get a feel for how massively popular the addition has been.

The report is not just numbers, but contains some interesting commentary on the industry as well.  For a direct link to the .pdf of this year's Theme Index, follow this link.