Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Views of Goliath at Six Flags New England

Scott & Carol happened to be at Six Flags New England this past weekend when the park was having their season pass holder preview of Goliath, and sent along a few shots for us to check out!

While the ride's former name Deja Vu was quite fitting since the ride repeats itself backwards after the initial run, its new moniker is equally descriptive.

Goliath absolutely towers over the surrounding midways. The bright green lift towers are as vibrant as ever.

In this photo you can see the large letters attached to the towers, one spelling out Goliath and the other Towers.

Goliath was originally announced to be receiving a brand new train that would have opened with the ride at Six Flags New England. While I have not heard any official reason, it has instead opened with the old train.

Perhaps the new train was just not ready from supplier Premier Rides, and will be added later in the season. Or, perhaps not.

Either way Goliath is as impressive a ride as ever, and looks great in its new home!

All photos © Carol Holmes.