Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aquatica Set to Open This Weekend

 © SeaWorld San Antonio

The largest expansion ever for SeaWorld San Antonio is set to open this weekend when Aquatica greets its first customers.  The water park represents a total transformation for the park's former water area, and more than doubles its size.

New slides and attractions have gone up, along with a total re-theme of the buildings and some heavy beautification of the area.  No longer will the water park be a part of general admission to SeaWorld, instead it will now be an additional fee.

© SeaWorld San Antonio

One of the slides, seen above and named Walhalla Wave, is the first of its kind to open in America.  The ride seats four riders per raft as they make their way down, eventually dropping and soaring up a vertical wall.

Another treat is Stingray Falls, where guests slide down into a cavern that actually takes them below the park's stingray pool.  Glass windows in the cavern allow them to see the rays as they pass by.  For more shots of the park, be sure to check out this story.  Just like the original Orlando, FL version, the park is a beauty!