Sunday, May 6, 2012

Apocalypse: Delayed and New Theming Details

My last post about Six Flags America, located in Maryland, contained the news that the park's new roller coaster Apocalypse would be opening on May 25th.  Seems we were jumping the gun a bit on that one, as the ride is now slated for an "early Summer" grand opening.

Construction on the ride is still progressing since the final track pieces were installed, with the focus now on the ride's brand new station and gift shop areas.  New photos taken this weekend can be seen in this update from SFAFans.  The coaster's supports have been painted jet black, giving the ride an even more ominous look.

News on the additional theming that will complete the ride has also been released.  From a park newsletter new details were announced: "to reinforce this theme, “radioactive” paint and several crashed planes, including one colliding with the 70-foot rock-face backdrop, are essential elements. In addition, fire explosions and mist fog create an apocalyptic landscape."  Sounds interesting, I'm glad that the park is going the extra mile to include a higher than average level of theming on the coaster.

Whenever the ride is ready to open I'm sure it will be worth the wait in order for all these theming elements and other details to come together!