Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scream Zone Adding New Thrill for Summer 2012

First came Luna Park in 2010, followed by Scream Zone this past Summer, and now the latter is already expanding!  The last parcel that was designated by the City for amusement rides has been busily worked on this off-season, turning it into an extension of Scream Zone.

The new area is a bit small, so it really only features two attractions.  One's going to be extremely noticeable from all around Coney Island, and the other is a perennial favorite that's got fans all revved up for their return.

© Scream Zone

The tall, rather noticeable ride is the Boardwalk Flyer, a SkyCoaster attraction that stands 200 feet tall.  Riders will swing down directly over the busy Coney Island boardwalk at over 60 miles per hour.  Needless to say this will create quite a spectacle for those strolling by the park!  SkyCoasters have been successful at parks around the world for a long time now, and this one's beautiful ocean side setting will only make the view even more spectacular.

© Scream Zone

The ride that fans are eagerly awaiting the return of will be named the Coney Island Raceway - yes - go-karts are back!  The 900 foot long course will twist and turn its way through the Scream Zone expansion, giving riders the ability to test out their driving skills. 

The expanded Scream Zone area has a planned opening of May 25th.