Wednesday, May 2, 2012

That's One Twisted Shark!

© Galveston Pleasure Pier

Galveston Pleasure Pier, Galveston, Texas, has posted this photo of the now completed Iron Shark roller coaster, and boy oh boy is this looking like one twisted mess of fun!

The coaster will probably feel as though it is over just after it begins, but I have a feeling in that short ride time it will pack quite a punch.  The beyond vertical first dive takes place from 100 feet in the air, and is quickly followed by several inversions.  The elements are compact, and this results in some interesting takes on several traditional inverting elements.

For another view, I spotted this photo that someone posted to the park's Facebook:


I'm really loving the look of that first inversion combo!  It is similar to elements we've seen before, yet twisted just so that it seems pretty unique at the same time.

Iron Shark's three trains will navigate the 1,246 feet of track at a top speed of 52 miles per hour.  Galveston Pleasure Pier had hoped for a Memorial Day opening, but a recent news article now lists "early Summer" as the target.