Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Insane Coaster Wars on Travel Channel

I must admit that one of my favorite things when I was younger in the early Summer season was when new coaster shows would debut on various channels - especially on the Travel Channel.

Before the availability of the instant gratification that the interwebs and YouTube provide, these shows were a real treat, showing off rides and coasters that were largely unknown to me.

This Summer the Travel Channel is going to premier an entire new series featuring coasters with  "death-defying drops, spine-torqueing twists and stomach-churning inversions" called Insane Coaster Wars.

Each episode will measure several coasters against one another in six different categories, everything from G-Force Giant to Splintering Speedsters.  As a part of the fun ramping up to the episodes, we are all invited to vote for our favorite in each category, with the winner announced when the episode debuts.

Several categories are already available for voting.  While this is certainly no scientific attempt at ranking rides... it is a lot of fun!  There's plenty of parks and rides featured, so everyone can find a ride to root for.

The first of the six episodes will air on Travel Channel on July 8th.  A one hour long special episode will follow the series and count down the 10 rides that received the most votes.