Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adventureland's Adventure Bay 2012 Expansion

Over the past few years Iowa's Adventureland Amusement Park has been continually expanding their waterpark, named Adventure Bay, but I have to admit that just how much had escaped me until now.  From starting with an interactive play structure to now having a full day's worth of slides and rides, Adventure Bay is most certainly all grown up.

Thankfully the park threw together this friendly video that explains the development of the park, including the park's massive new attraction, named Breaker Beach Wave Pool.

Really though, that amount of brightly colored modern slides should have any waterpark fan eager to check the property out.  But how about that new wave pool?  The $3 million Breaker Beach is part of an even bigger $7 million expansion, which adds a very significant amount of space to the park.

© Adventureland Amusement Park

The expansion includes not only the 500,000 gallon wave pool but also expanded cabanas, a new kiddie pool area, and a second swim-up beverage location, this time catering to kids.  The wave pool features six foot waves and is the largest in the state.

As for why Adventureland has been so aggressively expanding Adventure Bay, well did you catch this shot during the video?

Look how crowded the waterpark is!  It looks like Adventureland has really found their niche in the water activity category.  Now that the heavy expansions are done though, will the park turn back to adding dry rides again in the future?  One hopes.