Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Closer and Closer to the Apocalypse

© Six Flags America

Everyone recovered from their Memorial Day Weekend park trips?  I hope so!

Let's take a look at one right that wasn't quite ready for its debut this past weekend, Apocalypse at Six Flags America.

Some recent photos that have been uploaded by the park, and also in a great update from SFAFans, show just how quickly the final touches of the ride are coming together.  Some interesting thematic elements are showing up underneath the stand-up coaster, the station is now far along and complete with new signs, and even the gift shop is looking close to finished.

Apocalypse is the first new coaster at Six Flags America since the opening of Batwing back in 2001, so it is being welcomed with much anticipation.  The ride is scheduled to open on June 7th.