Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frontier City's New Crowd Pleasing Water Attraction

Next on the list of attractions that just opened this weekend is Frontier City's brand new Wild West Water Works, a massive water playground that has expanded the park's reach from dry rides into true water park style attractions.

Granted, with the nearby location of White Water Bay I doubt that Frontier City will expand their water park offerings much more, but the new attraction is still sure to be a hit during the hot Summer months.  Wild West Water Works was built by WhiteWater West, and is one of their AquaPlay RainFortress attractions.

The five story tall new structure took its initial theming design from the minds of those running Frontier City.  WhiteWater was able to turn their design dreams into reality, adding items such as a western general store, tepee, horse back riders, and plenty of other traditionally 'wild west' decorations.

With the opening of Wild West Water Works, adventurers will find 200 different interactive play elements located throughout the structure.  There are also eight separate water slides connected, ranging from small ones for toddlers all the way up to larger, twisting models. 

Naturally, the 1,000 gallon tipping bucket, themed as a barrel, is the show stopper.  When it dumps that much water on the ground below it is rather hard not to notice!