Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dropping In At Busch Gardens Tampa in 2014: Falcon's Fury

Busch Gardens Tampa made a very exciting announcement this morning - come Spring of 2014 guests to the theme park can take on a one-of-a-kind freefall experience named Falcon's Fury.  The only of its kind in the world, and billed as the tallest "freestanding drop tower in North America," Falcon's Fury will feature one innovative trick that is sure to scare riders like never before.

During development of the attraction designers were inspired by Falcons, which are the fastest animals on Earth, capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.  Their famous dives, plummeting straight down toward their prey on the ground, matches the feeling of a free fall and thus the theme is a perfect match.

Falcon's Fury is an Intamin designed freefall tower with a total height of 335 feet, with carriages reaching close to the 300 foot mark.  The trick I mentioned earlier that is sure to scare like never before is that the plunge (at 60 miles per hour with 3.5 Gs) will be taken face down.  Previous towers have used a slight tilt feature to add a thrill, but Falcon's Fury will fully move riders seat's 90 degrees upward at the top so that they face straight down.  Then drop.  Yikes! I want to get in line now!

The park has released this great promotional video for the ride, I highly suggest checking it out:

Falcon's Fury will be located in the park's Timbuktu section and construction has already started in anticipation of a Spring 2014 opening.  With the park's recent announcement of the removal of Sandstorm, one could assume that will be the new home of Falcon's Fury.

You can read more about the ride by visiting its new website, or by following the park's blog at this link.